Mint Chocolate Chip Teff Cupcakes

Minty Chocolate Chip cupcakes that are super delicious! Plus they are gluten-free and totally guilt-free… but sushhh.. don’t tell anyone. They’ll never know! Read comments

Mood-Boosting Chocolate Cupcakes

A sexy dessert featuring chocolate and maca – the combination of these two aphrodisiacs are sure to get you in the mood! Read comments

Peggy’s Quinoa Cookies

This is one of my FAVE recipes! It was inspired by a teacher who once asked if my cookies were made out of brown rice… my response was ‘no’, but she gave me a brillant idea to use quinoa instead! It’s super simple and loaded in protein, complex carbs, stress-busting B-vitamins, and deliciousness! Also gluten-free. I guarentee you’ll fall in love! Read comments

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