Kitchen Cures is your go-to solutions guide that links what you eat to how you look and feel. It shows you just how easy it is to alleviate common health complaints through nutreint-dense and delicious whole foods – without having to overhaul your entire diet! Whether you lack energy or libido, have excess belly fat, tummy trouble or joint pain, or are suffering from other health issues, Kitchen Cures offers simple and easy-to-implement solutions to get you out of your funk, no matter what you’re feeling!

  • Lack energy? Learn which foods can boost your energy immediately
  • Stressed out? Chocolate can help you chill
  • Low libido? Find out which pungent root veggie can boost it in no time
  • Lack lustrous locks? Vinegar can change that!
  • Got a muffin top? find out how to banish it for good
  • Plus an entire DIY kitchen beautician section and
  • 40 easy and delicious recipes!

Kitchen Cures is also available for purchase at:
Chapters Indigo in Canada
Barnes & Noble in the USA

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